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1. Objectives
Before starting my lesson, I have set some objectives. In the end of my teaching, all my students should:
In the process of teaching, the students are expected to:

2. Topic
The topic of my lesson is SHOPPING IN ACCESSORIES SHOP.

3. Other details
I taught all my students to ask prices, giving information related to the price of a thing, degree of comparison, some vocabularies related to the topic, the differences among that, those, this and these and how to use them in daily conversation. My teaching focused on two language skills, listening and speaking. In the very first section of the meeting, I showed the students some visual aids using power point presentation media. This is aimed to help them visualize and give the overview of the material that I was going to deliver. I gave them some vocabularies related to the material and reviewed it to ensure that all my students has known the meaning of all vocabularies and has been able to recall those words. Being sure that all my students has known the meaning of all vocabularies I have given, I asked them to repeat what I have read. I read a dialogue about shopping in accessories shop. This activity aimed to make the students understand the way the words related to the topic are pronounced. After repeating the dialogue aloud, I explained them the differences among that, those, this and these. In order to ensure that the students have understood the differences among those four words, I provided them an exercise. After that, I taught them how to ask price and how to response the question of asking price. In this session, I gave them a speaking exercise to enable them practicing the material I have given and to enable me evaluate their progress. The speaking exercise was in the form of interview. So, each student should interview other student about the price of his or her accessories. I also gave some students chance to present the result of speaking exercise in front of other students.
I explained the students about preference (comparisons with adjectives). After explaining that, I provide them an exercise.
I gave them a guessing game to help the students memorizing the vocabularies I had given in the very first session.
In the end of my teaching, I gave all of my students chance to practice all the materials I had given to them in all learning sessions. I asked them to arrange and make conversation based on a given situation. The conversation must include four materials I had delivered before, asking price, responding questions of asking price, expressing preference (comparisons with adjectives), and using that, this, those and these.

4. Students’ background
The students are all from Universitas Negeri Semarang. They come from different faculty. Every student has studied English in junior high school and senior high school. Most of them get difficulty in speaking English, especially in constructing grammatical sentence. Most of them do not have enough confidence to speak English. Most of them have Javanese as their first language, but there are some students whose first language is Bahasa or Sundanese.

1. Overall teacher performance
Vocabulary acquisition is the largest and most important task facing the language learner (Swan and Walter, 1984). The linguist, David Wilkins, as quoted by Thornbury (Thornbury, 2002: 13) stated that without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed. Based on those statements, I made vocabulary acquisition as my starting point in teaching. I believe that without enough vocabulary, my students would not be able to speak clearly and convey their message in a good way. I gave them some vocabularies related to the material and equip my teaching with visual aids to help my students memorize the vocabularies.
In my teaching process, there were some explanation sequences. I ended all my explanations with exercises in order to ensure that all my students had understood my explanation and been able to apply the material I had given.
I tried to be as cheerful as possible and maintain the enjoyable, relaxed and cheerful classroom situation. I wanted my students to be as relaxed as possible in receiving the materials I was delivering. I believe that if the classroom situation was relaxed, enjoyable, and cheerful, they would feel comfortable in learning and they can easily comprehend the given material.

listening, reading. I tried to add all those essentials in my teaching. The highest priority went to speaking, and the least urgent was writing.
For speaking comprehension, I tried to make the students be confident of their speaking skills so many times. The methods were by firstly motivating the students not to be afraid of doing faults. I also made them do self speaking based on the list of keywords I wrote, but still encourage them to speak whatever they want. The dialogue practice helped too, although I did not really execute it too many times. I also made the students to do the exercise on the slideshow orally, which would help their understanding and comprehensive skills.
Reading activity happened often. Analyzing the pictures on the slideshows, reading the passages on the book, reading explanations on the whiteboard, reading the exercises on the book and on the whiteboard/slide, and reading dialogue.
I also brushed up their listening skills a little that was by speaking a lot, by both English and the translations in Indonesian language (and Javanese).
The least skill I brought to them was writing, as I did not really told them or asked them to do so in the learning progress.

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